Gijs or Snowflake Bubbles as he likes to be known, started surfing at Moana two years ago. It was also my first year working as a photographer at the school. Gijs is now 10 years old  and it’s been great to follow his surf improvement since 2014. When Gijs arrived with his family this year i realised that they are not regular clients, they are part of the school, they are friends. It was overwhelming to see how everyone was so happy to meet again, all the staff from the school stopped their jobs to welcome Gijs and his family. From were i stand its really great to be part of this team and be surrounded by such good energies and friendship. Last Saturday it was a perfect day at guincho, really nice waves and a amazing sunny and hot day of summer. It was Gijs last day and he had the perfect goodbye of this year holidays, Gijs is surfing like a pro by now and i was truly amazed to see him surfing green waves one after another, he surfed at least 25 waves in one hour surfing.
After the class i was talking to Gijs father about last years photos, his father told me how importante they are, he said to me “Miguel, this photos are priceless. It’s great to have this pictures because one day Gijs are going to be able to look at them as an adult and recall him surfing at age of seven”.
It was so important for me to ear that, one of the main reason i like photography is about that, my work is to provide memories, and memories of happy times are the best we get from this life. Moana Surf School it’s not a regular place to work, i remember it every day, were else could i get to make this kind of friends and be among such good friends every day?. I’m looking forward to keep taking photos of Gijs in the following years and be able to watching him grow and be a better surfer every year that pass by.  See you next year Gijs, miss you already! 🙂