If you have kids and want to teach them surf, Moana Surf School is the place to be.  i’ve been watching kids learning how to surf since my first days at Moana 3 years ago. In the first time i was always a bit septical about watching 4 year old going to surf, my opinion was “Yeah, Yeah!!! They are going to sit on the board and the instructor is going to pull it like a toy”. I couldnt be more wrong!!!! The young ones are the ones that learn faster, is amazing how they can learn so fast. Nowdays the surprise factor for me has disappeared, but still it’s impossible not to smile when you see a 4 year old kid surfing by his own. For the parents the options are to join the surf class as second monitor, spend some quality time and create family bounds, or simply stay on the sand clapping and giving support. For the parents that are going to surf with the kids, please dont be angry with your kids if they did better then you, haha! You are going to need just a little bit more time but you are going to be as good as them. I’ve chosen this picture i took a few months ago to ilustrate this text because i belive it show that kids are not in surf for playing, they are little people but big surfers.