My first time at Moana Surf School was when I was just 4 years old. I remember the school back then; just a small container right on the middle of Guincho beach.
The smallest wetsuit was probably a couple sizes too big and had to be folded at the arms and legs but it didn’t stop me from getting in the water with Alex.

The first wave I caught was one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s a feeling all surfers chase. I continued chasing that feeling as often as I could after that day. I still continue to chase it today, like all other surfers!

I would beg my parents to take me down surfing at Moana. I loved it every time. As I grew older, I kept going to Moana to improve my surfing and eventually it led me to competing in international events all over the world! Surfing has allowed me to travel to more places than I could have ever wished for. One thing which I’ve always loved about surfing though and it’s something which moana introduced to me early on is that no matter what, when you’re in the water, you’re always out there for a good time.

As soon as I became old enough I started teaching at moana. It’s amazing to teach people how to surf; you feel like you’re introducing people into something that might change their lives and fee like your sharing your passion. The energy which is out in the water during lessons is also unreal. The laughter, the “YEWS”, the pure stoke and energy when someone catches a wave for the first time or stands up for the first time. I love how good energy is so easily shared when it comes to surfing and teaching people how to surf.

We all love feeding off good energy and I feel like no matter the conditions or the people, the energy has always been good when we’re out in the water. A lot of people think surfing is “just a sport”, but the truth is, as cliché as it sounds it really is a lifestyle! It’s something that wakes you up in the morning, makes you travel and lets you meet new people. Another thing, which makes it different from other sports, is the fact that no wave you catch will be the same to any other wave you’ve caught before.
Surfing is full of surprises. It’s always different. It’s the lifestyle I’ve chosen, and it’s the lifestyle I wish to introduce to others for the rest of my life!