When you ask me – what is paradise – I would always say, where your heart belongs and where you feel happy. I feel happy when I am at the beach. Whatever weather it is, whatever temperature, whatever condition. 4 years ago I came to this beautiful country and did my first surf lessons with Moana Surf School. It was tough, it was fun, it was a bit disappointing on some days, but outrageous on other days. I simply love the feeling being one with the ocean and sitting outside in the line-up on your board and watching this beautiful scenery of praia do guincho. for me one of the last paradises on earth.
even if you don`t find the time going surfing, back home, whenever you are back at the beach and whenever you start again, it is not lost – it is still there – it`s like riding a bicycle. you won´t forget how to do it. I can only recommend trying out surfing – especially at this beautiful spot and with the team from Moana Surf School. they are experienced surf teachers, they know what they do and on top they are so much fun to learn with. Once you start, you never stop.

Melanie West