Meeting time 18.00 Cascais shopping car park! My wingman for the evening and photo/website master Tiago Alves. Destination Ericeira for the 2016 Surf Summit / web Surf Summit!

Was a great evening starting with food and drinks mainly produced from the Mafra region.
Then we heard some great surf stories and memories with some great slide shots from Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Tiago Pires, Anastasia Ashley and also some fine words from the Mayor of Mafra.

Once again it is always great to see that surfing is bringing so much toursim to Portugal. Without doubt Garrett McNamara has really started a huge wave of publicity for places such as Nazare and for surfing generally in Portugal.

Was also a pleasure to see Ricardo Bravo again…super nice guy and great photographer! Helping out with a Canon workshop at the Surf Summit. Also
good to see Jose Gregorio/ Quiksilver Boardriders Ericaira after some of his recent Nazare adventures!

There was also a fantastic video promoting the Mafra/Ericeira area and all the potential it has and showing how the area is developing not just for surfing but in many other sectors.

It was a real pleasure to meet and hear some of the surfers and was great to be with humble and down to earth people, for who the real passion in life is to just feel the adrenalin of riding huge mountains of water.

To wrap it all up there was music and drinks ..and a long night ahead for some i am sure!
Tiago and myself decided to head back to our families after a fantastic evening with some surfing legends and a great atmosphere.

I would like to say a special thanks to Nicky from Surf Holidays for inviting me and Tiago
and as he could not be at he summit i wish him all the best as he will soon be a proud surfing father!

Looking forward to the 2017 Surf Summit in Ericeira!

Have left you with some photos from the evening! Thanks/Obrigado Tiago and everyone at the Summit.
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