I can’t teach you to surf but that didn’t keept me away of the Moana Surf School Team!

“Working” for Moana behind a computer is what I do. Well, sometimes I also grab a surf board for some fun! 🙂
It was June, 2016, and Alex was having trouble with the School website. Moana’s photographer, Miguel, a friend of mine, introduce me to Alex and it all began. Hard work at the begining but it all pays off with the results. When we do something that we like to do, to help someone that needs it, that’s great isn’t it?
I found that Moana really works like a family and that the team shares this feeling I have. Help others to surf, to have fun and to enjoy the sea is also their passion!
I’m grateful for being a part of this, and that’s why I asked Alex if I could write something for the blog 🙂
Tiago Alves