Loyal & faithful. Thanks for your support.

New boards and new suits, its like Christmas at Moana Surf School! I would like to say thank you to all the people who have helped Moana over the years. Having a business/surf school is like any relationship you go through good times and bad times. These times can be at the start, middle or end but i believe it is really important to try and stick with the people who try to support you and give back to them even when the going gets tough.

In most cases, not always! you will form a stronger bond with the people who help you due to solving problems, gaining confidence,  and showing hard work and a never give up attitude! And with time you should see results! There is some luck involved and other factors but hard work, loyalty and respect are normally a good recipe for success.

Thanks once again to all, and i have made a small list…sorry if i forgot you! But you know who you are if i have!  Have a great 2017 and i feel very fortunate to live in such a great country and a perfect location with a fantastic family, friends and ocean!

Thanks/Obrigado:  The Moana Team instructors past & present & Photographer. Bar do Guincho. Quiksilver. Boardriders Ericeira. Jose Gregorio. Website master. Wenzel. Fanatic. Salty Pelican Hostel. Xenico. Xen & Co surf shop. Guincho Wind Factory.

Text: Alex. Pics: Itamar.