HAWAIIAN Family Adventure!! Aloha!!!

Let’s go to Hawaii! my girlfriend said as we had a date night gin & tonic after dinner in Cascais … I said ok! and the next day she had the tickets booked to the island of Oahu Hawaii!
After a long flight Lisbon-London-
LA-Honolulu….we eventually arrived!

We spent several days in Honolulu where i surfed tandem with my son every day at Waikiki and my girlfriend also caught waves! A perfect spot for learning to surf!

We then went up to the North Shore of Oahu where we visited several beaches, waterfalls & amazing places!
We managed to meet up with Garrett Mcnamara and he was super friendly and kind to us. My son and his son became great friends! Skateboarding….jetski action…ice cream and non stop adventure!
Garrett and his family are really great and have a fantastic outlook on life and are fortunate to live in a perfect location.

I managed to surf a few waves on the North Shore and caught some nice ones! at Sunset Beach on a board lent to me by Garrett.

My girlfriend also had her birthday and we checked into The Turtle Bay Resort!
Wow what a place to stay and have fun with your family! Was just what we needed!

We also met up with Rory and his family…friends from Cascais in Portugal was great to see him and he gave me a foiling lesson that was super fun!

We spent our last days back in Honolulu surfing and relaxing.
The journey back seemed longer! but still nice to be home in Cascais and back at Guincho beach …basically from one paradise to another! Yes we are very fortunate and I try never to forget that.

Thanks to my girlfriend and everyone else who helped us on this trip.
Was great to meet new people, see new places and have new adventures!

Will for sure be back! My boy loved it so much! Was a great family holiday.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures in this blog and if you have not been to Hawaii…if you are fortunate enough to be able to go…just GO! It’s AMAZING!

Mahalo & Aloha!

Alex & family.