HAWAIIAN Family Adventure!! Aloha!!!

HAWAIIAN Family Adventure!! Aloha!!! [metaslider id="3433"] Let's go to Hawaii! my girlfriend said as we had a date night gin & tonic after dinner in Cascais … I said ok! and the next day she had the tickets booked to the island of Oahu Hawaii! After a long flight Lisbon-London- LA-Honolulu….we eventually arrived! We spent…
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Ocean Therapy. Wave gliding.

We all have days when it seems like there are so many problems in our lives. It was one of these days that i decided to go to the gym for a swim to take away some of the stress. After swimming and feeling a bit better on  a grey cloudy day i went to…
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From Norway to Guincho Beach!

From Norway to Guincho Beach! Hi! I am Eric a half Portuguese & half Norwegian surfer who found his home by the sea on a beach called Guincho...i am one of the instructors from the amazing Moana Surf School family. This all started when a young crazy kid met Alex a kind and warm hearted…
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