Courses & Prices

Surf classes and courses are with qualified instructors and we aim to teach you to surf and at the same time provide safety and fun. Our surf instructors speak various languages and are ready to help you whilst having your surf lessons and on the beach if you have any questions. We provide all equipment with the surf class/course price and you can keep all your personal items in the surf school. We look forward to teaching you to surf at our fantastic beach.

We will give you a basic introduction to surfing and get you standing up on the surfboard on your first class!
The surf class includes board & wetsuit and you will be in a small group with qualified instructors.
50€ / hour
Focus on catching unbroken waves or just improving your basic technique. We offer one to one private classes and also we can do group private lessons. The private surf lesson can be for a adult or for a child. For young children we often recommend a private class as it is important for them to not get scared on the first experience and have a instructor constantly with them.
PACK OF 5 PRIVATE CLASSES - 225€ - 45€ each
PACK OF 10 PRIVATE CLASSES - 400€ - 40€ each
This is a great pack of classes to start your surfing experience with. During the five classes you will get a real feeling of surfing. You will complete the beach classes and theory and also learn about the paddle technique , the take off, and catching some unbroken waves. We highly recommend the pack of four classes.
This is a very popular economic pack of classes in the holidays for families. The classes can be used any day and divided between family and friends. The ten class pack is also great for small groups or couples who are in the area for a few days and want a surf class every day.
The perfect and most economic holiday pack of classes for your family and friends. Just enquire via e.mail, phone or at the surf school and we will explain how the pack works.
Starting at 15€
We will provide you with what you require, and also safety tips in relation to currents, riptides, tides, rocks and everything to make sure you have a safe and fun time surfing. Board + Wetsuit: 1 Hour - 15€ / 2 Hours - 20€ / 3-4 Hours - 25€ / All day - 30€

*All the PACKS of 5 or more classes must be spent in, at least, two different days.

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